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Mera Peak 

Mera Peak is designated by the Nepal Mountaineering Association as a trekking peak. However, you need to be able to use crampons and an ice axe to reach the summit. At 6476m, it is the highest trekking peak in Nepal, and this brings all the challenges of trekking at a really high altitude. These include the possibility of extreme weather conditions, and of course, altitude sickness. I am using this as a quieter, cheaper and less dangerous taste of what the Everest Summit would be, given Mera's summit is much higher than Everest Base Camp it seems a worthy challenge. 


The climb will be above 5000m for 4 days, and unless you acclimatise well this could easily trigger altitude sickness. Besides the altitude, Mera Peak is also a tough slog. The summit night climb up the glacier goes on and on. Expect trekking up the glacier for 5-6 hours to reach the summit. 

Training for this will include the following peaks along the way: 

Mt Fuji 3770m 

Mt Toubkal 4167m 

Kilimanjaro 5804m

And likely many more!



Welcome to a website full of eclectic first-time challenge attempts by a very ordinary women.

Ultimately the goal of this site is to inspire ordinary people who have a 9-5 job, commute to work or have general life commitments to give those life dreams a go no matter how ridiculous they sound or how tight on time you appear to be! There is no point wondering "what if" after all. 

Hopefully, I shall also impart some wisdom that has developed over the years. Mainly, very honest accounts of various experiences. However, most importantly reporting my failures as a beginner/first timer and where others can learn from these.  

 Alternatively, have a browse to laugh at my expense from my struggles and the daft situations I have put myself in. Any questions about events found in the gallery or on the blog please ask away!



A 30 something women who enjoys travelling, has bursts of loving exercise and relishes a challenge.

The full story of how I got to this point is in the "about me" section or on the button below. 

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