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The Mongol Derby

"This is no pony trek or guided tour. There’s no marked course, no packed lunches, no beds to sleep in. That’s the whole point. It’s just you, your team of horses, and a thousand kilometres of Mongolian wilderness. The course consists of 25 horse stations at 40km intervals where you swap your horse and refuel. You change horses at every station and deliver your mounts to the next in great health. How you navigate between them is where your adventure begins"

                                                            The Equestrianists

Oh, and the horses are semi-wild...

The Great Wall

 A standard distance road marathon... along the Great Wall Of China. So, add in steps the height of your waist, brutal climbs, checkpoints at the bottom of mountains and searing heat. A beautiful run with ugly results. 


Rat Race Ulta

A few attempts (of varying successes and varying enjoyment) can be found in the blog. Including: 

Coast to Coast, two-day run, cycle and kayak across Scotland.

Man V Mountain, a marathon up Snowden.

Tour or Arran, two days of back-to-back marathons through the Scottish Isle.

The Wall, a 90-mile road run across the UK along Hadrian's Wall



A 2-mile, open water swim followed by a 110 bike ride, topped off with a road one day. How do you make his harder? Well you could have never swum further than 500m, never have swum in open water, be scared of riding bikes and hate road running because you get shin splints after 5 miles. That would just about do it! 



Just like any other obstacle course race, except its up and down ski slopes in the Blue Mountains, the obstacles are Ninja Warrior standard and you have the pressure of having fluked your way into the elite women's race category.


The result of getting cocky is entering a race that turns out not to be a simple run up a hill. A weekend of being knocked down a peg or ten by mountain goats on two legs. 

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