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Improving Running In The Gym

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

weight lifting

At this point in time, I am still very much in obstacle course training as I have three more races before the end of the year. Therefore, running improvement exercises are a huge part of gym routines currently. My PT (the delightful Paul Slythe: commonwealth medalist in 400m) has tried to implement more leg-based exercises that take me back to basics.

Exercises for Improving Running:

These exercises include squats with chains rather than weights. This engages the core and glutes more via stability as the chains throw you off balance. If the weight being lifted is not spread equally in both legs and the core is tight you will struggle to get the weight lifted. I have always had a stronger right leg so the imbalance to start was obvious with a few stumbles.

Split-leg squats, single-leg deadlifts, single-leg step-ups and kettlebell exercises do a similar thing, focusing on one leg at a time. This ensures both legs get full attention during a workout and one is not worked more than the other. I do not want to be running around in circles or with a gimpy leg!


Other exercises work around circuits mainly. These are a great way to round off any workout and are great for cardio fitness as well as building up the various areas worked. I leave sweating, red-faced and totally worn out.

Gym Program

The day 1 circuit is mainly a core and leg workout

Day 2, upper body

Day 3, I alternate between the ones labelled however these days I try to do the lumberjack more as it has enough running in it to keep me ticking over.

The upper body exercises are mainly for the OCR (obstacle course racing) however I am hoping that being stronger in my shoulders and arms will aid in the swimming as I really will need all the help I can get with that area of a triathlon!


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